World Series 2019 heading to the Astros vs Nationals

The Houston Astros on Monday rejected reports that Deputy GM Brandon Taubman had selected three women journalists after the team won an AHL pennant on Saturday night.According to Stephanie Apstein of Sports Illustrated, Taubman would have repeatedly shouted at a reporter about Roberto Osuna, near Houston.

Upstein detailed the allegations after covering match 6 of the AL Championship series, then headed for the noisy locker room in Houston. A few minutes ago, Osuna conceded nine home runs twice and Astros beat the New York Yankees 6 to 4 in a win at Jose Artube’s home.

According to Apstein, Taubman examined three women, one of whom wore a purple bracelet to raise awareness of domestic violence and shouted: I’m glad Osuna was created (as an exp)! ”

Apstein wrote: “This explosion was horribly unpleasant and another staff member in Houston apologized.”

Astros reacted immediately after the article was published on Monday night, saying it was “misleading and totally irresponsible”.

“Astros called this report a misleading illustration,” said Hunter Atkins, a Hunter Chronicle reporter. “No, I was there, I saw him and I should have said something right now.”

Astros did not make Taubman available for interviews with Sports Illustrated stories. The team responded after the publication of the story. The other day, José Altube’s Walk Homer to win the Houston Astros pennant broke the Yankees’ dream of reaching another world series. But for Alexia Jorge, a 16-year-old Lyndhurst recipient, the dream is still alive.

Jorge, a popular baseball star, will travel to the fourth round of the world series later this week, watching Astros win the Washington national championships and become part of the youngest US women’s baseball team. . A high school player who wants to play college football hopes she will not be the last chance to go to a major league game.

“Astros players have been questioned on a difficult exit,” the team said in a statement. “The management team was supporting the player in a difficult time, his comments included everything that was going on about the gambling situation that had just happened, and nothing else, it was not even for the journalists. and we are very disappointed with Sports Illustrated’s attempt to create a story that does not exist. ”

Jorge is part of a growing army of girls who love baseball and stick to it. Last year, teens made a local story. When she became the first high school girl to play college for women. During the summer, she won a gold medal on the national team at the Women’s National Championship in Mexico. This was called the 16th birthday just one day before the tournament started.

Women’s baseball is increasing. Many organizations, including Major League Baseball, are investing in games by organizing events for girls. At the international level, more countries are forming teams. This rise can also be attributed to girls like Jorge who develop the game simply by playing.

When they observe other girls who play baseball, they are more likely to stick to the sport in the long run, and a non-profit organization designed to help girls play baseball, coach, lead Justine Siegal, founder of baseball for all The organization develops a baseball program and organizes events where girls can play together.

The Houston Chronicle quoted a witness who had explained that Taubman had a cigar and stood beside two or three men when he shouted after a group of women. The Chronicles reported that no interviews were conducted at that time and that there were no players nearby, separating the Astros officers and the surprised reporters about 2 meters away.

Astros will host the Washington National on Tuesday night in the first game of the World Series. Baseball league after winning the legal battle.

According to Baseball for All, about 100,000 girls play baseball for young people, but only 1,000 girls play high school. When a girl has a specific age, baseball is for boys and softball is for girls. But ask a girl who plays baseball. They tell me that they are completely different sports.

From the start
When Alexia Jorge was three, her father was teaching his brother’s T-ball team. The team needed players. Jorge was already as tall as his 5-year-old companion. His parents thought “