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Astros vs Nationals:  One team is looking for its second World Series victory in three years. Another is looking for his first franchise title. The Houston Astros and Washington Nationals, infused with the narrative of the upcoming dynasty and an encouraging newcomer, will meet in the second game of the 2019 World Series on Tuesday.

Houston clearly has a superior overall team; The Astros posted entry 107-55 to Nuts 93-69. However, the Washington group is arriving in full swing thanks to the dramatic victory of the wild cards over the Brewers, the thrilling upset of the NLDS Dodgers and the sweeping NLCS Cardinals.

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“I sincerely believe that these guys are ready to be here,” said national manager Dave Martinez. “This year we played a lot of incredible games. We have come a long way.

Both finalists came here, relying heavily on their rotation, although Astros went through ALCS Game 6 and could have resorted to this strategy in game 4. Stros (23.7) and Nats (22.3) took fourth and fifth places, respectively, in the wins above the replacement for the starting pitchers, according to FanGraphs. This addiction will not change for the worse now. In fact, citizens use their starters so regularly that Martinez would not name the starter of game 3 if they use Patrick Corbin, an obvious candidate for this appointment, as an assistant in the first two contests.

Verlander and Stephen Strasbourg, a likely NL Cy Young finalist who could join Cole in the open market if he abandons his deal with Washington, will be featured in Game 2 Wednesday night. This is pretty damn good, but in Game 1 the most jokes are due to the presence of Cole, a former Yankee first-round pick who reached his peak right at the right time for both his team and his personal condition.

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Memories of how Jose Altuve’s home race took place on Saturday in the 6th series of the American League championships so that Astros defeated the New York Yankees are still fresh in the minds of baseball fans.

Meanwhile, the Washington Nationals, sweeping the St. Louis Cardinals in a series of National League championships, feel that this happened many years ago … and in the world of baseball, it seemed to happen.

Washington enters the Fall Classic by wrapping up its LCS on October 15th, and a long vacation can be troubling as citizens prepare to take on one of Astros’s heaviest baseball hitters.

Let’s take a look at the chances of each team and preview the main storylines that you need to know before playing the 1st stage of the 115th World Series. Houston takes advantage of the home field in the series. And Minute Maid Park was good for the Astros; they went 5-1 at home through the postseason.

Then there is the beginning of pitching – on both sides. But we will start with Houston. Gerrit Cole, who has gone 19-0 in his last 25 starts, will take the mound in game 1.

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Suddenly, citizens are gearing up for long disagreements with Vegas. In fact, according to, Astros, at minus 235, are the biggest favorites in the World Series since 2007.

It is not surprising that they, chances, will leave this fall. They leave the season in which they set a franchise record for victories (107-55) and overcome 100 points for the third year in a row.

Hall of Fame of the Future Justin Verlander gets a start for the Astros in Game 2. Zack Greinke, also heading to the Hall, will start Game 3.

How deadly was this group? According to ESPN Stats & Information, Houston starters crossed out 28.9 percent of those they encountered in the regular season, which is a good indicator in MLB history.

But novice citizens, of course, have nothing to sneeze.Max Scherzer will start the game 1. Another hunter, no doubt, went to the Hall of Fame. Ace Steven Strasbourg is ready for game 2. And Patrick Corbin gets approval in game 3.

If you like aces, this is the World Series for you. And we start the hot Tuesday night with right-hander Cole and Scherzer. The first has a 0.40 ERA and 32 sorties in three starts in this postseason. The latter boasts a victory for Sai Young in 2016 and 2017.

Given that citizens rest after a long vacation, combined with Astros’ charming performance at Minute Maid Park in this postseason, we will give Houston a nod to Game 1.