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Knicks vs Spurs : Watch NBA 2019 live stream online without TV cable between Spurs vs Knicks for Free today The wait is finally over! Almost 6 months have passed since the last time San Antonio Spurs played significant basketball, 6 long months since they played the ugly game.

“The winner gets everything” in the first round against the Denver Nuggets in playoff last April, going up to a short position and closing the curtain. the season, which was perhaps the most uncertain head coach that Gregg Popovic had to deal with since he had dominated San Antonio all these years ago in the Spur basketball era in BD (before Duncan).

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There is a lot of uncertainty going on the opening night of the opening with the New York Knicks (for which we have tickets!), But this is a positive variety. Besides the drama about signing Marcus Morris (who would have thought that he would play in the Spurs rookie after all?), Spurs was their usual, chaos-free summer this summer. There were no big splashes of free agent (although signing DeMarre Carroll would have to pay dividends and they also returned to Rudy Guy), partly because their books were nearly full and mainly because they really believe in the promises of this young Essence in that they have developed the last couple of seasons, as their recent Spur Stories series can seem to suggest on Degunte Murray, Derrick White, Lonnie Walker IV, and Bryn Forbes.

The youth, athleticism, skills and growing experience that these guys bring to the table, combined with veteran leadership and games of trusted players such as the ever-stable Lamarcus Aldridge, 2-year-old Spur and professional scorer DeMar DeRozan, healthy gay Insanely energetic Patti Mills , led by the mind of the coaching staff, headed perhaps by the greatest coach in the history of the game, makes Spurs think they can improve their game in last season’s 48-winning first-round campaign.

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In addition to their famous selection of shots last season, the main thing that stood out in Spurs 2018-1919 was Pop’s decision to start with Aldridge and Jacob Poell in the yard. Spurs starters were already weak last season from behind the arc, and adding Poeltl (the traditional big man) to the mix flooded the court for them even more.

During the preseason, Pop tried 2 key things with the initial rosters when Aldridge came up. The first was the usual Aldridge / Poellt tandem from last year, and the second was the addition of another summer free agent subscriber, Trey Liles. Although Liles is almost as tall as Poeltl, he is also a willing 3-point shooter, gaining an average of 2.6 attempts from behind the arc per game in his career. Although he had a very bad season in Denver last season (shooting at only 25.5 percent for 3.1 attempts), he was only 0.3 times per game compared to the best shooting season in 2016-2017 (1, 1-3.0 compared to 0.8 last season). 3.1).

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Liles’ threat from beyond the arc was probably taken into account. This allows Spurs to stay large, provides DeRozan, Murray (who is an evolving shooter but still not proven) and Aldridge some room for work, strengthens the center of the bench with the very experienced big in Poeltl, and this allows Pop to use Gay as the jury, that he has shown love since Gay was there.

Liles received approval in the last two Pre-Season Spurs, both wins, and although he scored just 2 points in these games together and missed all 5 shots he made, he was still in positive territory in Real Plus / Minus statistics. “.

Last season, Spurs were at the very bottom of the league, both in transitional possession and in points scored during the transitional period, amounting to only 11.8 of their possessions and only 12.9 of their points. They were also the last in the league in terms of interceptions per game (6.1), which did nothing for their transition attack. They were, for the most part, debilitating, patchwork, semi-judicial crimes, relying mainly on veterinarians, not quite known for their defense, and young guys.

Murray’s return should give them a boost in all of these categories. Murray, the youngest player on the entire defense team, is a breakthrough defender using his long wire frame to pass passing lanes. He is also part of the Spurs Stable (along with White and Walker), young, athletic, hungry and ready to be freed.

This year, Spurs have the talent and athleticism to compete with some of the best teams in the league, and they could demonstrate these features in the very first game of the season against the young Knicks team.